Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Leftover Weather

He’s got that glint in his eye again. Must reckon on an advertising deal with the RAC.

Just a little too much whistling.

It’s been a breezy kind of day today. (Note 1)

Here we are having to suffer the annoyance of second hand weather. Or, to be precise, second hand Merkin hurricanes. I really do wish that our Merkin cousins would be a little more careful with their weather rather than just letting it drift across the Atlantic.

The only good thing about it is that it is at least warm wind and rain. Only a couple more months and we start to get the colder, winter winds and rain. (Note 2)

There is nothing like a bit of Camembert. It really makes you appreciate a nice piece of cheddar.

I have to warn you all that my life still appears to have developed a hectic quality. Like I said yesterday, (Note 3) my time has been slipping through my fingers like over ripe Camembert. So it is that I really haven’t had time to do all of your fine blogs the justice they deserve and certainly haven’t had the time to leave you all a barbed or pithy comment. I’m sorry about all of that. Perhaps I should buy only Parmesan cheese for a while.

The rather transient nature of time in my reality at the moment has even meant that I haven’t had much chance to look at the news this week.

I did notice that Bill Clinton popped over to Manchester to address the Labour Party Conference. Perhaps I’m alone here, but the idea of an American politician praising a European country providing free healthcare and an interventionist welfare policy seems decidedly strange. American Presidents are not known for their commitment to the redistribution of wealth to the poor – quite the reverse. (Note 4)

Matt Dawson in his rugby playing days.

Oh, well, perhaps tomorrow will be better. Before I leave you, I need to stay in apologetic mood and say sorry to Matt Dawson. A week or so ago, I derided his appearance on Celebrity Masterchef. I was wrong on two counts. Firstly, the programme has actually grabbed my attention. Secondly, and probably most importantly, Matt has made it through to the final!

From 14th June, the industry standard Crozzy Standard has been applied to footnotes.

NOTE 1: To which, I believe, the standard response is “Yes, you really need to cut down on the beans and parsnips.” Click to return

NOTE 2 : Yes, it’s just another excuse to depress you all further by piping up with that wonderful phrase “It’ll soon be Christmas.” This week saw the first leeching of my pocket book in that direction. I walked into an office to find that they were collecting for a Christmas Hamper for a charity raffle. I dodged, squirmed, dropped rooled and tried to crawl into a corner – all to no avail. Click to return

NOTE 3: You can never overuse a good metaphor. They are like dark chocolate in a fine pudding. You can never have enough. Click to return

NOTE 4: Plus, I do wonder what Tony Blair made of it. In his speech yesterday he made light of the spat between his wife and Gordon Brown by saying that he didn’t have to worry about her running off with the man next door. With Bill Clinton in town, he like many others must be more worried. Click to return

What we really need are politicians like they had in Trumpton. The clock ran on time and the public services ran like clockwork too.

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