Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting the hang of it again

Right then, let's see if I remember.

I take my right forefinger and dip it in that special green gloop distilled from various exotic herbs and leaves gathered by Mattress Madge....

... Ooo that rather tingles, I wonder what would happen if I ....

No! Concentrate Simon.

Right, take the forefinger and let it wander over this keyboard thingy. That's it, this feels like what I used to do.

Look! words are appearing on the screen. They seem to be appearing in some sort of order. It's as if I am speaking to the world and I can sit here and pretend they listen, nod sagely and then go out and do stuff that will lead to the overthrow of an oppressive regime.

My word. That is rather impressive.

I set out just to show a few people that I am still alive and it leads to an evil dictator fleeing his oppressed people's wrath to start peanut farming in a sub-Saharan African state.

OK, if the Nobel Peace Prize people are out there, if you drop me an email, I will tell you where to send the cheque.