Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Is that a dagger I see before me?

OK, so succession isn’t decided by REAL daggers any more.

A drama that has kept me away from my blog.

First up, my fair yeomen, I need to correct an oversight. I failed to give Mattius the appropriate credit for discovering the recipe for Dried Frog Pills. This was a criminal oversight on my part. Please accept my apologies, Mattius.

In one of the comments in my blog, Mitch R asked if the erstwhile Chief Inspector ever stoodd as a candidate for the Slightly Silly Party (as in the MPFC sketch). Of course, he hasn’t. The Chief Inspector may be incompetent, but he is honourable.

It is honour or rather the lack of it that makes this such a short blog tonight. It has been a day that brings The New Christy Minstrels to mind. (Note 1).

I’m not sure if the events in Westminster today prove if it is honour or intelligence that is lacking amongst politicians.

Since 1997, we have had Tony Blair in 10 Downing Street and Gordon Brown next door at Number 11. Tony has the top job and Gordon is the Chancellor with his eye on the top job when Tony decides to move on the after dinner speaking circuit.

Rumour has it that Tony and Gordon did a little deal so that Tony would become leader first and when he had enough, he’d let Gordon have a go. Fair enough, it seems fair. The trouble is that Tony doesn’t seem close to having enough and picking up his P45.

Tony did say that he wasn’t going to fight another election. He has actually said that – on TV for the whole world to hear. So whatever happens, the UK will have a new leader before the next election. Everyone (well most people) expects that new leader to be Gordon Brown.

It all seems so simple. All Gordon needs to do is to carry on being the Iron Chancellor and sometime before the next election, Tony will up sticks and start counting his money. (Note 2)

Only for some MPs, they feel that Tony needs to say exactly when he plans to leave now. They want to know exactly when Gordon will take the reins. Even if this means that this will render Tony a lame duck leader and halt their own party’s political agenda.

So, to get their point across that they want Gordon as a leader, they decide to go very public.

And the political journalist have a field day talking about plots and counter plots.

Hello? Have any Labour MPs got any brains? Have you forgotten your history? When a section of the Conservative party felt the time had come for Maggie Thatcher to move on, the party effectively split into two factions. The rows and the in-fighting have effectively kept the Conservatives out of power for three elections.

Unless the Pro-Brown camp can accept that Blair has already said he will retire before the next election and the Pro-Blair camp can accept that Gordon Brown must be the next leader, then the Labour Party will be out of power for a long, long, long time – just like the Conservatives.

From 14th June, the industry standard Crozzy Standard has been applied to footnotes.

NOTE 1: Yes, very obscure and I was going to place a little explanation here. Then I decided against it. I believe that this one will stump my fine yeomen. Click to return

NOTE 2 : My guess is that Tony plans to beat Maggie Thatchers record as the longest serving Prime Minister and then call it quits around May or June of next year. Click to return

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Anonymous said...

It is amazing what a day will do. I agree, it would be nice to see the government lead rather than infight. Looks like it's going to be messy. The Mad Yank..