Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Let's Pack Up and Start Again

Here is part 36 of “A Couple of Tenors Short”.

After yesterday, where I thought the quiz question was so easy that I felt I could afford to advertise  mugs, I have never even heard of the band let alone the track for today’s title.  

Anyway, so I need to give you the answer.

Plus, if you want to read a really fantastic blog entry, you could do a lot worse than go here.

OK, the quiz question out of the way, here is my mantra. This is a serial. Any new-joiners should start with the opener known as Part One.    
The troublesome recap has now settled into its new home. You can find the recap here!

Now read on...
After the interview concluded, Inspector Jones and Sir Andrew Witherspoon stood outside the interview room watching Smithy and a constable taking Dunker Phil back to the cells.
“You will, of course, be bailing my client.” Sir Andrew stated flatly.
“We’ll see.” Jones continued to watch the trio making their way down the corridor. “I’ll need a signed statement from Dunker detailing what he said in the interview. Once I have that, I’ll think about it.”
“Get your sergeant to draw one up and I’ll give it the once over and get Phillip to sign it.” Sir Andrew smiled “Then we’ll talk again about bail. I would not like to have to go to a higher authority.”
“We’ll see, but there are still some gaps.” Jones sighed deeply and turned to look at Sir Andrew. “I want to know more about this Sergei character and who it was who opened up the club. It could be that Dunker is holding something back.”
 “I believe he has told you everything he knows, Inspector.” Sir Andrew spoke softly. “It is I who has held something back. I was at the Craven Meeting at Newmarket on the 15th and I saw Vera with Veronica and Violet. There is no way they could have been in the club at lunchtime. They were there when I arrived just after 12 and I saw them again in the parade ring with a horse their father part owned that ran in the first race. ”
“You? A guest of the Adkins?” Jones looked wide-eyed at Sir Andrew.
“Oh no!” Sir Andrew gave a hefty bass guffaw. “No, I was with another party. It was just pure co-incidence that I saw them.”
Jones swore under his breath.
Back at his desk, with Smithy drawing up a statement, Jones rang the McRamie house. The phone was quickly answered by the butler. Jones had him check if any luggage or any of Archie’s clothes were missing. The butler was adamant that there wasn’t, but Jones had him go check. Several minutes later, the butler returned to the line and confirmed that nothing was missing.
Carefully replacing the receiver, Jones leant back in his chair and stroked his moustache as he stared at the ceiling.
With a large sigh, Jones shook his head and started working on the case notes.
A little while later, suddenly aware of somebody stood next to his desk, Jones looked up to find Sir Andrew Witherspoon at his side.
“I thought I would bring you this myself” Sir Andrew handed Jones a signed copy of Dunker’s statement.
Jones took the offered papers and read through them slowly.
“Perhaps we should talk about bail for Mr Duncan now?”  Sir Andrew waited patiently until Jones placed the statement on his desk.
“He doesn’t want bail, guv.” Smithy spoke as he came across the office to the Inspector’s desk. “He wants us to give him protection.”
Jones looked up at Sir Andrew and raised a querying eyebrow.
“My client is understandably concerned.” Sir Andrew ran the palms of his hands over his trousers. “But I am willing to have him released into my custody and I will make all of the arrangements to ensure his security. I have a friend who has a place in the West Country where he can stay.”
“This friend.” Jones turned so he was able to see Sir Andrew’s face clearly. “Would this be the person who is picking up your bill?”
“Come now, Inspector” Sir Andrew gave a light laugh. “You know that I cannot discuss that with you.”
“Indeed.” Jones paused, pursed his lips and stroked his moustache. “I’m certain that you weren’t retained by the Adkins family. After all, they have their own solicitors who would deal with these type of matters.”
“Inspector, I really cannot discuss this with you.” Sir Andrew shifted slightly.
“So, if it wasn’t the Adkins family who retained your services, it must have been somebody else.” Jones paused and watched Sir Andrew closely. “I would guess that it was Sir Terrence Cauldron.”

There was the faintest of twitches around Sir Andrew’s right eye.

“As I say, Inspector.” Sir Andrew smiled broadly. “I cannot discuss the matter, but if you will not discuss bail, I will have to find somebody who will.”

Sir Andrew turned on his heel and walked from the office, swearing under his breath.

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