Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Erase the Proof... Erase the Proof but

Here is part 37 of “A Couple of Tenors Short”.

Another stinker of a quiz question today, I guess that as the numbers get higher, the quiz questions will inevitably get harder, so you will need the answer.

I was reminded today by Sean, that I have been at this blogging lark off and on over four years. My how time flies when you are having fun!

OK, the quiz question out of the way, here is my mantra. This is a serial. Any new-joiners should start with the opener known as Part One.    
The troublesome recap has now settled into its new home. You can find the recap here!

Now read on...
Jones gave a nod and a smile, before taking several copies of Dunker Phil’s statement and filing them. He took one copy and locked it in his drawer.
A large blue and yellow macaw swooped into the office and landed on Jones’s shoulder. The inspector scowled at it.
“Reminder! Reminder!” The macaw screeched in the inspector’s ear. “Meeting with the Super in five minutes!”
Jones squirmed and flapped at the macaw which gave a loud screech before flying in circles around the office.
“Meeting in five minutes! Do you want another reminder? Another reminder?” the macaw continued to screech as Jones picked up his file of notes and left the office.
The macaw expertly caught the thermals from the office computers as Jones hurried toward the lift. Jones allowed himself a glance over his shoulder. As he did, the macaw dipped a wing and dived towards the door. Jones broke into a run for the last few yards of the corridor.
The macaw broke out of the dive and headed down the corridor at just below Jones’s waist level. Jones stabbed at the lift call button furiously. The macaw was half way down the corridor. The lift doors opened and Jones ducked inside, punching the button for the top floor.
The doors closed with the macaw only yards away. Jones listened for the thud of Psittacinae against metal. When it didn’t come, Jones swore under his breath. The lift admonished him for his language and then counted up the floors, interspersing the progress reports with useful stain removal tips.
When the lift doors opened at the top floor, the macaw was observing Jones from the thicket of aspidistra. Jones curled his lip and walked cautiously towards the large brass double doors of the Superintendants office.
“Wait!” The receptionist shouted from within the aspidistra thicket causing several birds of paradise to take flight and a sleeping kitten to lazily open one eye. “You are early. Please stand there until the Superintendant is ready to receive you.”
“Ready to receive you, Pointy Head!” the macaw screeched.
There was a rustle of leaves within the thicket and a leather gloved hand reached up and handed the bird a grape. The macaw gripped it in one claw as it tilted its head from side to side to decide on the best angle from which to observe Jones. Jones glared at the bird.
“You will be able to enter in 45 seconds” the receptionist intoned from her hiding place. “To avoid embarrassment, please check your dress before entering.”
Jones didn’t move, preferring to prolong the standoff with the macaw.
“Enter in... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...” the receptionist chimed as the brass doors swung open on cue. “Have a nice meeting.”
Jones walked into the office and the heavy brass doors swung shut behind him.
The superintendant was resplendent in his full summer dress uniform but without the trousers which he was ironing next to his grand piano. His bronzed legs glowed in the afternoon sunshine that streamed in from the windows. Behind him, the three athletes were busily quilting.
“Ahh, Inspector Jones! How lovely to see you again.” The superintendant lifted the iron and spat on it causing it to hiss alarmingly. “I hope you don’t mind the laundry work, but I am giving a PR event for the Light Entertainment Championships later.”
“It’s fine, sir” Jones replied while making sure to look out of the window.
“We have a few minutes before David Heatherington joins us. I thought I should make sure that you are on top of things.  How are you feeling?” the superintendant managed to speak the word in italics.
“I’m feeling good, sir.” Jones turned to his superintendant and then quickly back to the window.
“Not too stressed?” the superintendant inspected the razor sharp crease on his trousers.
“No, sir. I’m fine, sir.” Jones showed his superior just how speaking in italics should be done.
“I hear that you interviewed the Adkins sisters over this missing writer thing.” The superintendant carefully repositioned the trousers on the ironing board. “How do you think that went?”
“They were evasive, sir.” Jones watched a couple of pigeons getting amorous on the picnic table on the balcony.
“I’ve had reports that you were insensitive. They are having to deal with the loss of their beloved father. Then you barge in and start accusing them of kidnap. They have every right to be upset. You are lucky that they haven’t made a complaint.”
“Sir, I went there to interview Dunker Phil. They showed me into the office and tried to keep me occupied while Dunker slipped out the back way.” Jones spoke quietly and deliberately. “I didn’t accuse them of anything.”
“Look, Glynn.” The superintendant stepped back from the board and went to the window causing the frustrated pigeons to take flight.  “The last few months must have been hard for you.  These things take time to recover from. If you have returned to work too early...”
“Too early?” Jones scrunched his eyes closed as another memory evaded his grasp. “What are you talking about?”
“I’m sorry.” The superintendant repeatedly clenched and unclenched his buttocks causing the cartoon bunnies on his buttocks to jump alarmingly. “We are all concerned about you. Just remember, we all care about you.”
Jones unscrunched his eyes, spotted the gambolling cartoon bunnies and closed them again quickly. “Sir, I am fine. I am also convinced that the Adkins sisters know more than they are letting on.”
“Glynn, the Adkins is a very respected family.” The superintendant turned, held up a hand and went back to his ironing. “I’ll make allowances this once, but before you interview them again, just make sure you clear it with me.”
“Yes, sir.” Jones forced the words through gritted teeth.
The heavy brass doors swung open and a figure in a green lycra body suit and heavily embroidered backpack entered the office.

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