Thursday, March 26, 2009

Footprints in the Sands of the Blogosphere

I do read other people’s blogs and occasionally, I even remember to comment (although I have been known to click the submit key and then close the computer down without ever realising).

Very occasionally, I get carried away when I comment. There are a number of people who know this, most of them vowing never to have anything to do with me ever again.

This morning, not only did I get carried away, I also felt the result was worthy of saving in my own blog.

I happened to visit the Richard Madeley Appreciation Society and read his account of his adventures while filming his wildlife documentary series you will be able to see on BBC Prime Time in the autumn.

He inspired me. For my comment, read on……

I'm incredibly jealous - of the project not of your encounter with the hotel keeper (see Note 1).

Some years ago I decided to take time out to travel the world and decided to hitch hike to Margate. I got picked up by a very friendly Hungarian lorry driver (see Note 3). He told me fantastic tales of the great ferret polo matches of his youth when whole villages used hoes to try and propel a pumpkin into the opposing teams well while mounted on a ferret.

I immediately vowed that I would try my luck as a semi-professional ferret polo player. Sadly, the money ran out just outside Lille (see Note 4) and I was forced to abandon my dream and ended up running guided tours in an abattoir until I could earn my fare home.

Note 1: Footnotes in comments on other people's blogs? Oh my god, perhaps Patrick is right and I am catching a dose of the Danielewskis. (see Note 2)

Note 2: Which should have been Note 1. I suspect there is more to this encounter than you are letting on such is the penchant for bathroom couplings in Eastern Europe and the communist legacy of the lack of shower facilities.

Note 3 : Who had a terrible sense of direction and we ended up sharing the last bed in a very peculiar hotel just outside Bucharest.

Note 4: As I said, the lorry driver, who by now had appointed himself as my trainer had a very poor sense of direction. (see Note 5)

Note 5: He was also very fickle. He abandoned me in Lille to take up with a young French boy who he said he would make star, however with a name like Eric Cantona, I doubt he had a hope.


Anonymous said...

I am afraid Mr Madeley never reads his comments. I have however and I recommend a bread poultice...

Simon said...

The bread poultice was delicous. It went particularly well with some Polish cheddar and some pickle that my Uncle Tony made as part of his community order.

I believe that Mr Madeley employs a group of recovering voice over actors to identify the best comments which they then read to him and his good wife from the shrubbery while they enjoy their first glass of Chateaux Barramma after a hard days work.
For the second glass, they switch to reading extracts from Judy's latest erotic novel and make sure that they make a discreet exit before the third.

Dick Madeley said...

I always read my comments. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing comments dropping into my inbox. However, I'm a busy man and I rarely get time to answer comments. I'll try better. Even for Mutley.

Anonymous said...

Right oh.
Everyone is better than me at everything.
You would think I had got that by now...
Ho Hum..