Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment.

My excitement is building as the big day of my talk approaches. I know I keep harping on about it, but for me it seems a really big thing. I have been plucked from obscurity in my community and asked to pontificate on a something.

My regular aculeate yeomen will be nodding sagely as they will realise that I never like to let an opportunity to pontificate pass.

To try and do justice to the occasion, I have been out and about on the web trying to find a variety of interesting places that I can share with my paying audience in the hope that they feel that they have achieved the nirvana of consumerism, that of value for money.

So it was that I have been out there, burrowing into various places discovering little gems for delectation and delight, such as this little blog from a magistrate.

Unfortunately, I have drifted from my quest. I have been sidetracked back to the search for diplomatic blogs. It is just I find the idea of a diplomat writing a blog such an interesting idea after discovering the FCO blogs.

My immediate thought on this was to try and discover if there are diplomats from other countries out their and blogging. With the aid of my investigative yeomen, I discovered the US Department of State blog and a blog from a US diplomat in South Africa.

This is beginning to become an obsession. The dried frog pills don't halt it and the tin foil hat has failed to halt the frenzy. I need something to distract me away from this and back onto my quest for material ripe for pontification. Any ideas anyone?

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Ocarina said...

I do like the Waiter Rant blog, his early posts are very good: