Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some Things Make Me Spit

I fear that I may be about to upset this fine gentleman.

Representation of the people, for the people.

Fine yeomen, I am particularly riled. Fingers are hammering keyboards and nicotine gum is being masticated to within a mere whisker of existence.

Those of you who have been following the growing crusade against Vulture Funds will have realised that I am a little steamed up over the fact that such funds are accepted so readily by our elected representatives.

Well today, I found a site that allowed me to email my elected representatives in the European Parliament. The site is actually very good. If you are British and fancy finding out more about your elected representatives, why not Click Here. (Note 1)

So, I used the opportunity to discover my elected members of the European Parliament and then write to them about my concern over Vulture Funds. Two have replied, Bill Newton Dunn and Roger Helmer.

Unfortunately for Bill Newton Dunn, the worthy ex-owner of a spoon factory and father to a journalist with Murdoch’s Evil Empire, the response of Roger Helmer has me spitting blood! So much so, I feel the need to share with you their views on the matter.

Bill Newton Dunn looking wistful as he remember the myriad delights of spoons – or perhaps he is just dozing off after a good expense paid lunch in Brussels.

Roger Helmer’sresponse was ”people and countries shouldn't contract debts unless they are able to repay them. If all developing countries could write off debts, then no sensible lender would entertain them. Equally, writing off debt tends to favour rulers of profligate countries who have looted state funds, and to penalise the thrifty” - which seems to totally avoid the issue of how Vulture Funds prey on third world nations by inflating the debt. He compounded his error by then being totally condescending and adding ”Your compassion does you credit, but you need a more hard-headed approach in the real world.” (Note 2)

For the record, Roger Helmer represents The Conservative Party .

Bill Newton Dunn on the other hand didn’t give me the metaphorical pat on the head and say ‘come back when you grow up, Sonny’ message. His was far more laid back – as you would expect from a Liberal Democrat and defector from the Conservatives. His approach was much more of it being somebody else’s problem and he was loathed to interfere with the independence of the judiciary – again totally missing the point! I was calling for a change in the law so the judiciary could exert their independence in such matters.

So far this journey into our democracy in action is proving very frustrating! At least these guys had the courtesy to reply – the only two who have!

Sorry I went off on one again, didn’t I?

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NOTE 1: Not only does the site return you the name of your elected representatives and give you a handy form for emailing them – it also provides you with a very good summary of their record and for MPS – a list of interests and expenses. It is a really interesting site and well worth sitting down with a cup of coffee and exploring. Click to return

NOTE 2: Roger Helmer is of course a fully paid up member of the real world. On his website you can see a picture of him doing an interview bemoaning how difficult it is to get the EU to stump up the funds to pay for Euro sceptic bumper stickers printed. What is more important Roger? You getting a chance to get some sticky pieces of paper printed or the lives of the poor in the developing world? Click to return

My cute mascot’s is just waiting for an opportunity to invite the MEPs to dinner at his castle to chew the issue through properly.

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Roger Helmer MEP said...

Many thanks for your comments, Simon. I am always grateful to those who spread my message to a wider audience. My newsletter, for example, goes to only around 500 addresses, but seems to get to thousands more second-hand.

Sorry you didn't appreciate a basic lesson in economics, but I think you probably needed it.

As for my light-hearted comment on bumper stickers that you referred to so disparagingly, I can tell you this: If I only wrote about important things like the EU Constitution and the Common Agricultural Policy, very few people would read it. So expect stories on threats to our fish'n'chips; keeping the crown mark on pint pots; and flying the Union Jack upside-down. Plus, of course, some important issues as well

Sean said...

Seriously, I couldn't imagine the most bizarre US politician engaging his constiuancy in such a manner. While I still think this guy sounds like a an ass, I do applaud his sincerity and real-life sense of humor.

Of course, it doesn't sound like the real MP to me, but rather an imposter... maybe I'm being too cynical.