Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm Still Standing

Any blurring is purely the fault of the photographer and not the structure.

Nursery Rhymes at sunrise.

Yes, my magnificent yeomen, I am back from my little sojourn to the capital. For you it was probably a welcome break from my nagging, but for me, it was a two day business meeting which kept ridiculous hours. I don’t really mind early starts or late finishes, but when you have to have both plus an evening out on the town, then it does tend to wring you out a touch.

In one of those strange paradoxes, I find London would be great if it wasn’t for all of the other annoying people who always seem to want to travel on the same trains and buses at the same time as me. (Note 1). The whole experience normally nudges me towards a bad mood.

Cannon Street in the heart of the City of London in the early morning.

Still, I had my camera with me. I took the opportunity to grab a few shots as I traveled around. The picture above is Cannon Street so early in the morning that it actually looks pleasant. It doesn’t take long for the street to fill with workers intent on doing their crazed wilderbeast impressions.

Cities generally don’t look good in the cold light of morning. But save their best for the night.

The two shots of London above show how it transforms. The daylight picture shows London in its dreary workday attire. The other shows how it slaps on a touch of glamour and transforms itself once the sun goes down. (Note 2)

Both of those pictures are of the monument to the Great Fire of London of 1666. The Great Fire following hot on the heels (can I convince you that pun was unintentional?) of the Plague. So the City of London built the Monument I know and love - which is actually a scientific instrument in disguise. In researching this blog, I also discovered there is a second monument marking where the fire stopped.

The entrance to St Pauls taken at  Night with the flash switched off and the setting on Auto. Another picture of St Pauls this time forgetting to turn the flash off.

Another monument to the Great Fire is St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was built to the design of Sir Christopher Wren. This is just one of 53 churches he designed for the re-building of London after the fire.

Oh, I never really explained the first picture. That is looking South across London Bridge of the “London Bridge is falling down…” song. Yes, I know, you really didn’t need to know that.

From 14th June 2006, the industry standard Crozzy Standard has been applied to footnotes.

NOTE 1: If you ever want to experience one of the most appaling comutes, travel from Kings Cross Station to Bank on the Northern Line. At peak times it is difficult to believe that so many people could be crammed into the same steel casing of hot, fetid air. Even more amazing the whole journey is conducted without acknowledging the person with their nose in your armpit. Oh, if you are a Harry Potter fanatic, Kings Cross Station is where the Hogwarts express departs from. Click to return

NOTE 2: I heard that! How was it out there who suggested that I may have used perspective to make the daylight picture look worse? As if I would. Count yourself lucky that I didn’t take pictures of the delights lurking in the alleys and in doorways. Think about them for two long and you will find it hard to maintain your grip on breakfast. Click to return

My cute mascot is like London in that he is a creature of the night.

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