Saturday, February 24, 2007

See How Far it has Come?

Something momentous this way comes.

No Compromise?

Good yeomen, I have decided to post more often. However, to achieve that, I will need to introduce a new ‘Bytesize Blog’ entry. These will be shorter versions of my normal entry that allow me to sketch out a synaptic short circuit rather than provide the full oil portrait. (Note 1)

Today, in Dublin there is a game of rugby that proves so many Englishmen wrong. Not just in a “Whoops! Pass the rubber” wrong but in a “Pass the ketchup I’ve got to eat my hat” kind of way.

Today Ireland will host England in the Rugby Six Nations Championship at Croke Park.

Today Englishmen will be singing ‘God Save The Queen’ at the very symbol of Irish Nationalism.

Croke Park was built on the site of the first Bloody Sunday. It is such a symbol of Irish Nationalism that up until recently, only Gaelic sports have been played there.

Surely if there were any doubts over the Irish Peace Process, this must dispel them? I’m struggling to find a parallel for the symbolism behind the event. The game this afternoon would be like the Northern Irish Orange Order inviting Gerry Adams to march with them carrying the Irish National Flag. (Note 2)

If you do hear a Unionist claiming that the Irish Nationalists are not compromising over issues in the peace process (yes, there are still issues) – remind them of today.

From 14th June 2006, the industry standard Crozzy Standard has been applied to footnotes.

NOTE 1: I hope you can forgive me for this, but the writing of the full blog entries now takes me hours. There isn’t just the writing, but the research – and it is the research that is the killer. There are all the links you see (which all have to be read) plus those you don’t (which are still read before they are discarded). Then there are the synaptic tangents that take me on little journeys that fill a whole evening. Click to return

NOTE 2: If Ian Paisley ever does invite Gerry Adams to take part in an Orange Day parade carrying the Irish National Flag then I will eat my hat – WITHOUT KETCHUP! Click to return

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