Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am Ironman

As my stalwart yeomen know, I have an abnormally effective immune system. While others may dissolve into fits of cough, sneezes and sniffles with the onset of a cold, I merely shrug as thousands of little white blood cells round up any invading cold viruses and expel them with a stern warning never to return.

When a nasty little flu bug decides to do the rounds of our office (see Note 1), my constitution is such that they take one look at my nostrils and decide to go for an easier target.

Sadly, this doesn’t mean I never get ill. It just means that while others around me are suffering from a cold, I will have contracted a far rarer and far more virulent bug.

At the moment, I am forced to endure a colleague moaning while making all manner of strange noises into a decidedly dodgy looking handkerchief. Every now and again, he looks at me with pink rabbit eyes and moans between fits of coughing and sneezing.

I think he is trying to stitch me up and get me to send him home.

That’s not going to happen. I struggled into work today with an army of exotic Bolivian Fugue viruses doing battle over my tonsils while a group of affiliated Asian bugs are being expelled from my every orifice. While I type this, another group of yet unidentified microbes (see Note 2) doing battle inside my cranium are causing a severe headache while being bashed into submission.

Note 1: Which is all too common for my liking. We have a rather old fashioned air conditioning system which flu bugs seem to think is some kind of luxury resort and flock to every winter.

Note 2: Although I have no idea what they are just yet, I remain convinced that they would prove fatal to a lesser being than me.



mutleythedog said...

What happens to you if other people around you catch VD? I expect you can see why I am concerned... also I used your nice idea on me silly blog today!

mutleythedog said...

Are you OK Simon?

Rosie said...

I really enjoyed reading that!
Like you I am never ill but I try to constant remind myself that I am lucky for being immune to all the rubbsih that is around so I must share my luck by being generous to people around me who are so susceptible to bugs, virus etc.

sexy said...





Uncle Dick Madeley said...

Whilst I agree with everything that Sexy (above) says, I worry that you've not recovered. Can we have an update?

mutleythedog said...

As ever - I am with Dicky!

mutleythedog said...

I am guessing you died fromthis illness....