Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Quick Cross in the Box

Good Yeomen, this is just a very few words to vent a little frustration at democracy in action.

This is probably not very fair of me. The democracy in question is America and as a citizen of the UK, it really isn't my place to pass comment. But, Hey! When has that ever stopped me?

My likkle girl passed me a link to this news item.

It rather annoyed me - despite it relating to America.

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that politicians seem to be placing the cart before the horse. This is just one example of many and there have been examples of this here in the UK too.

The purpose of a government is to represent its people. That means that they are supposed to ensure that they support and protect the moral and lifestyle choices of all their constituents.
Yet, here we have another example where the government is making moral and lifestyle choices on behalf of their constituents and then taking steps to enforce them.

Perhaps it would play better if all of the politicians actually lived by the moral code they preach - but we can all quote examples which prove they don't.

It only serves to discredit the democratic process and to further alienate the people from their government. So, please politicians remember who you represent and who pays your wages. You are public servants not guardians of our morality.

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